TAG-IN Design


Please enter Ensembl transcript ID for gene of choice:

e.g. ENST00000330949

Design by Ensembl Transcript lookup...

× Error: Please input correct transcript id or species.
× Error: Failed to complete design - please try again.


Alternatively please enter sequence of choice.

Sequence must comprise of ACGT characters, with a maximum input 600 nucleotides.

Please ensure correct stop codon position and strand orientation is included,

Where + strand represents the sense and CDS strand,

Where the stop codon position represents the relative position as counted from the beginning of the sequence (we count from 0) to the first nucleotide of the stop codon.

Design by Custom Sequence...

Alternatively please enter sequence:

× Error: Please input sequence as demonstrated.
× Error: Please only use 'AGCT'.
× Error: Failed to complete design - please try again.

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Please contact us with any queries or concerns:

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